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Developed in the incredibly humid region of the Sichuan province within the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) by a Taoist master named Lizhuenguo, the formula for Yin-care®’s Herbal Wash has not only been a gift to humanity, but a cherished gift to women.


Conditions in the Sichuan, or Four Rivers, region of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) are not only the perfect environment for the formula’s herbs to grow and flourish, but it is also the perfect place for the conditions for damp, damp-heat, toxic heat and wind type complaints to manifest within a population.  Lizhenguo carefully crafted and refined this formula based in classical Chinese herbal formulation principles. The formula became known throughout the region as capable of quickly soothing and clearing the above listed imbalances and restoring balance in the various microbiome climates to which it was applied.

Understanding Damp Conditions

The area of Sichuan has been described to be much like the climate that might exist if you took Colorado and put it in Iowa and yet made it more south.  With four rivers there is a LOT of water pushing through the region and it is very hot, damp and humid with lots of bugs but with some incredibly high mountains. We don’t have a place like this area in the US.  When humans live within this environment or have an environment on their body similar to this, they can also manifest similar type of conditions referred to as  damp, damp heat, toxic heat (basically a ramped up version of a damp heat) and wind type conditions. When these conditions are present, it can be very easy to develop bacterial and fungal infections.

Early Formulations

Important to note that the Sichuan region is very steeped in the history and use of both botany and Taoism. Monks from the sacred Taoist monastery of Qing Chengshan ( see link and also note – featured in animated form in Kung Fu Panda) and throughout the area used this early formulation for centuries, collecting the herbs that were grown on the western side of the mountains and applying its use as needed amongst the population.  Initially, the formula was only made as a water based extraction, much like a tea.  Up until the 1970’s early Chinese Medical practitioners and barefoot doctors during the times of the Cultural Revolution were well versed in this formula and its application for damp, damp heat, toxic heat and wind conditions of the skin. It was also used as an herbal bath that was taken as a recalibration tool during seasonal weather shifts.and eventually it was used for women suffering with these conditions vaginally.

The Gift

The formula made of 14 herbs was refined by the Taoist master Lizhenguo. Lizhenguo was known as a healer and was known for walking all over the Sichuan province offering free medical help for people. He was from the Qing Chengshan monastery.  Lizhenguo passed this formula down to his disciple.  It is a practice in Taoism that when a great master dies, that the disciples often offer a gift.  Lizhenguo’s disciple offered the Yin-care® formula as a gift to humanity when he passed away.

In offering this to humanity, the formula has been further refined and is now both a water based extraction as well as an essential oil based extraction of the herbs. This dual extraction method offers many more healing properties to the formula with incredible potency.

Procuring the Herbs

In order to secure the production and consistent quality of the herbs, land was secured and rehabilitated from cultural revolution deforestation.  From the flat lands to mountain tops there were huge swaths of lands with forests that were chopped down and corn was grown to feed a starving country’s population.  As lands were acquired a careful planting of herbs was done in a way that each herb planted supported the other herbs.  For example, in order to grow Huan Lin, Huan Qin, Huang Bai, She Chuang Zi or Zhi Zi it requires a very specific and very tall Du Zhong tree.  They require a canopy that creates perfect shade. And so this lovely microclimate for growing was created specifically with the procurement of herbs for Yin-care®’s Herbal Wash.  Not only is it healing the land, but also providing a high quality and consistent source of the herbs.

Growing high in the mountains, with farmers that live on the land tending to the plants…it is not at all accessible to having any fertilizers, pesticides or even man made irrigation applied and is therefore an incredibly pristine growing environment and provides the end user with confidence in a high quality product with incredible integrity.

Use in Western Medical Hospitals in PRC

Throughout the 70’s and 80’s a small cauldron or two was brewing with Yin-care®’s gifted formula within the Chengdu region and became known as incredibly successful in the application to damp, damp heat, toxic heat and wind conditions.

In the late ’80’s a vast amount of research was done in China within the Universities. 90-100 Universities participated in research to see what the formula could do within laboratory settings.  THESE STUDIES HAVE NOT BEEN REPEATED IN THE US, but this part of the formula’s history is important to understand how it is used today within the PRC.

Within these University settings, there were two gynecology departments that wanted to learn how dilute they could make Yin-care®’s Herbal Wash formula before it would stop functioning as anti-pathogenic. The labs began by applying Yin-care® at 100% strength to a petri dish containing a variety of pathogens including lactobacilli which are healthy types of intravaginal bacteria as well as yeast, gardarella and others. Their goal was to see how dilute they could make the solution and still have a potentially clinically effective result.

The researchers would apply the continually decreasing concentrations of the dilutions to the dish and see if the cell walls would lyse and measure it by time.  They found that at 50% dilution everything was killed.  At 15% Yin-care®’s Herbal Wash and 85% water all of the pathogens cell walls were being lysed except the lactobacilli weren’t affected!  At 12.5% the lactobacilli weren’t dying but they weren’t reproducing and at 10% everything was dying but the lactobacilli were actually proliferating.  It is for this reason that you will find we recommend the 10% dilution as this magic number!  These results were published and the western medical physicians whose specialty was gynecology  thought this could be an easy solution for addressing most patients that come in with the accompanying conditions that develop in damp, damp heat, toxic heat and wind conditions. Being that it is socialized medicine, they figured they can’t hurt these potential patients, but there’s a high percentage of them that would likely be helped. They figured they could likely weed out 80% of the damp, damp heat and toxic heat conditions that showed up. Therefore, in 1990 Yin-care®’s Herbal Wash solution went into the Western Medical hospitals in the PRC.

Finding its way to the United States

It was by chance that Daniel Hudson, DAOM, LAc was able to happen upon Yin-care® and bring it through exhausting efforts to the United States in 1999.

Success in Application

Yin-care® has been successfully applied to conditions of damp, damp-heat, toxic heat and wind type complaints here in the United States and through out the west including Canada, and European nations; however, it is important to note that resulting success is more often than not accompanied by a diet that supports a decrease in these conditions.  For example, In PCR, where success has been quite great, they do not eat dairy with regularity the way Americans do.  Therefore, it can be necessary to implement some dietary changes in addition if simply using Yin-care®’s Herbal Wash is not successful on its own in clearing the imbalance.

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