YAO Company supports bringing balance to lifestyles, businesses and communities by infusing Chinese Cosmology through innovative products, product development, practitioner education, patient care and patient/consumer support and education.

YAO Company has been in business for over 20 years running our flagship clinic YAO Herbal Apothecary, Clinic and Tea Shop  as well as providing the fabulous Yin-care® line of products and more through YAO Company.  We pride ourselves on having incredibly high quality products and old school customer service where you can still pick up the phone and talk to someone personally on the line.

YAO is medicine laced with an ethical and moral code that extends beyond the simple transfer of a physical medicine. It is the essence behind the medicine given. It is the qi underlying how we do everything from teaching about our products, taking orders and answering your questions – with presence and attention.

We are committed to infusing both compassion and integrity through our work. In providing our customers, both practitioners and patients/consumers, with high quality products and services, we promise to serve with a deep sense of humility laced with modesty.

At YAO we sincerely welcome your participation in product and service development and we consider your constructive feedback to be a large part of the backbone of YAO. We invite you to join us in becoming a bigger part of YAO Company as a YAO Ambassador or Affiliate.