Altigen™ is a proprietary formula developed by Dr. Daniel Hudson, LAc/DAOM with the dual purpose of assisting both patients living within the high altitude climate of Denver,CO at 5280 ft above sea level as well as helping visitors traveling to the Colorado area with plans to explore the higher Rocky Mountains for such activities as climbing the Fourteeners, skiing, or participating in a mountain wedding.

That being said, the formulation has been incredibly beneficial for athletes looking to increase their performance as well as people traveling to climb very high mountains around the world or do high altitude adventuring.  It’s a wonderful product to have a bottle or two on hand during Spring – Fall months.  We recommend trying the formula for yourself to see how the adaptogenic formulation works for you personally!

About the Formula

The formulation was developed based on herbs used in formulas in the high Tibetan Mountain regions currently held by the PRC.  The formula:
  • Strengthens heart
  • Nourishes lungs
  • Soothes stomach
  • Improves circulation
  • Assists adaptation

The formulation for Altigen™ consists of:

Rhodiola Crenulata*
American Ginseng*
Angelica Sinensis
Panax Noto-Ginseng*
Atractylodis Macrocephalae
Astragalus Rhizome*
Brown’s Lily Bulb
*Denotes adaptogenic herbs

How it Works

The body can take days to adapt to high altitude, resulting in lingering exhaustion, headache and irritation. Altigen™ works quickly to strengthen the body’s ability to handle high altitude activity. The adaptogenic herbs help the body effectively recover from stress (induced by exercise or activities at altitude) by binding oxygen to iron more efficiently, keeping the blood oxygenated. When used in a dose loading manner it maximizes energy efficiency, minimizes fatigue and optimizes performance.

Who is this good for

Great for patients who are:
-Traveling on airplanes at altitude where they are particularly sensitive or patients who complain of difficult jet-lag.
-Vacationing in an area of much higher altitude than to what they are acclimatized.  If they live at sea level, but traveling to ski in the mountains.
-Athletes training for events that may be at altitude or simply athletes wishing to get a leg up on their competition.
-High altitude mountain climbers or adventurers!

Purchase Altigen™

If you are a practitioner interested in carrying Altigen™ and other YAO Company products, please complete the Wholesale application page HERE.  If you are general consumer, please visit for more information.