The article below will answer all of your questions regarding what has happened to Yin-care®’s Classic Fragrance Free.  However, if you prefer to learn by watching a video – the same content is all right here below as well:



The Skinny on the Question: Has Yin-care’s Classic fragrance free version of their Herbal Wash been discontinued?

To answer your question, YES, sadly, Yin-care’s Classic (fragrance free) Herbal Wash has been discontinued. 

A brief history on the addition of the fragrance

To explain why it has been discontinued – please know that this was not our choice.  We are subject to the decisions of our partner factory that produces our Herbal Wash.  Please understand that in China the ONLY version used (and it is bottled in the billions) is the fragranced version. In the past, our factory has stopped their regular lines of production to fill our bottles with a different version than they produce. Our order is simply a drop in the bucket compared to their production for their own country and they simply don’t want to do that anymore.
It may be important to understand how the fragrance originally came to be added.  In the early 90’s when the western medical hospitals of China began stocking Yin-care in their  pharmacies, they requested that the Herbal Wash have a fragrance as the women that were using it in this westernized setting as well as the Chinese western medical professionals preferred something without the traditional herbal scent.  The factory was not happy to introduce something unnatural to a perfectly clean herbal product; however, the western medical hospitals were the main customers at the time due to the research that had shown efficacy of slow lysing of yeast, bacteria, and fungus while allowing for the proliferation of lactobacilli.  Due to this, they hired a very high end global fragrance company from Japan that specializes in personal care and medical products.  Since the Herbal Wash was being used as a first line of defense for all female gynecological problems in the hospitals, the fragrance was developed specifically to NOT irritate the very sensitive area of the vaginal tissues.

Our continued effort to bring you a very high quality product for over 20 years

We have brought both versions into the US for over 20 years and have had no ill-report due to fragrance sensitivity or other in all of those years though I have talked to one office in the last 6 months that did have someone whom they felt was reactive to it (and that is going to happen on occasion – there are those who are just off the charts sensitive to EVERYTHING). We also understand that American women are particularly emotionally sensitive to the idea of fragrance since they have been deceived by the personal care products industry historically as it relates to added fragrances.  Yin-care’s herbal wash is truly different.  We actually find that if someone is sensitive to Yin-care – it is most often due to the dilution not the fragrance.  The reason for this is that it is a dual extraction – both water and essential oil based.  The essential oils can be irritating for some and therefore a lower dilution and decreased amount of time applied would work best for someone experiencing sensitivity or maybe not using our product at all.

Our commitment to getting Yin-care’s Herbal Wash to the US

We are extremely committed to women and to bringing this amazing product to women. Thus despite the fragrance, we feel incredibly strongly that providing this product to women is very very very important. It is often times the ONLY thing that will work for them. Please let me know if this has helped you in answering any questions or concerns around this. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email.

All my best,
Margaret Jacobson
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